“My job” said Andy, “is to capture moments of people and events in any environment.”
Andy’s family have had a long involvement in the Photographic Industry: his Great Grandma worked for Kodak in the 1920s, his Grandma worked in Kodak’s Architect Department during the 1950s and his Dad, Tom, was with Kodak for 33 years, starting off in the Paper Finishing Department and eventually moving to Nottingham to finish his career with Kodak in the Film Department at Annesley. So, as you can see, Andy has photography in his blood.

….. I love my job. I’m able to take pictures and go into unique situations that no other Photographer would be permitted to do.

My photography allows people to be at ease and helps me to get the best for them. My professional capabilities cover numerous categories of photography such as Weddings, Portraits and Commercial Events.

I am meticulous about every job I do; I speak to my clients beforehand to ensure I cover all their requirements. Getting to know my clients and what they require is as important as taking their pictures, to give a first class service with all the trimmings!

Before your day, I would investigate the area and the ‘behind the curtain’ people to clarify the possible constraints and highlight what you, the customer, want from my services so there is no unexpected outcome.

As well as celebratory events, I take individual and family portraits. These can be in either a studio style set up or, for more relaxed portraits, they can be taken where the family feels most comfortable for the shoot. This helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere and end product.

About me:

Having served in the Army, I found I had a gift for photography and was selected to attend The Defence School of Photography. This is renowned in Europe and beyond for being a school of excellence.

My first posting as a photographer was to Army Headquarters in Andover, Hampshire, having already been deployed to Afghanistan, Gibraltar and numerous UK areas, where training takes place. I have taken images of members of the British and European Royal Households. As an Army photographer, I get around a lot! One day I’m up North, the next day I’m preparing to fly out to a combat area.

Over the years I have refined my expertise in photojournalism and gained experience and knowledge about the technical photographic skills that are needed in hostile environments such as Afghanistan.

After winning an accolade for my photography from the Army I went on to push the boundaries - my reputation is always to show the highest standards.